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Advisory committee

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The Advisory Committee is one of the three governing bodies of the UPC next to the Administrative Committee and the Budget Committee.

The principal tasks of the Advisory Committee are

  • to assist the Administrative Committee in the preparation of the appointment of judges to the Court;
  • to provide opinions on the suitability of candidate judges;
  • to submit proposals on guidelines for the training framework for judges.

The Advisory Committee is composed of patent judges and practitioners in patent law and patent litigation with the highest recognised competence. Each state in which the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA) is in force proposes a member of the Advisory Committee.

The members of the Advisory Committee are appointed for a renewable term of six years. The composition of the Committee ensures a broad range of expertise. Its members are completely independent in the performance of their duties. They are not bound by any instructions of their respective Member State.

A list of all the members can be found below.

A chairperson for the Committee is elected from its members for a renewable term of three years. The Chairperson of the Advisory Committee is currently Mr Willem Hoyng, and the Deputy Chairperson is Ms Sylvie Mandel.

The Advisory Committee has its own Rules of Procedure.


Mr Willem Hoyng
Deputy Chairperson:
Ms Sylvie Mandel
  • Marie Azerad (Alternate member)
  • Ian Spiteri Bailey (Alternate member)
  • Peter Meier Beck (Alternate member)
  • Mr Joachim Bornkamm (Member)
  • Mr Marko Brus (Member)
  • Mr Mads Bundgaard Larsen (Member)
  • Ms Marie Courboulay (Alternate member)
  • Ms Els Herregodts (Member)
  • Mr Reinhard Hinger (Member)
  • Mr Toon Huydecoper (Alternate member)
  • Mr Mart Enn Koppel (Member)
  • Mr Peter Meier-Beck (Alternate member)
  • Mr Kimmo Mikkola (Member)
  • Henri Mizzi (Member)
  • Ms Lyubka Petrova (Member)
  • Ms Yuliya Raeva (Alternate member)
  • Mr Vittorio Ragonesi (Member)
  • Ms Emmanuelle Ragot (Member)
  • Māra Rozenblate  (Member)
  • Sigita Rudėnaitė (Member)
  • Mr Albin Schwarz (Alternate member)
  • Mr Massimo Scuffi (Alternate member)
  • Mr Peter Strömberg (Member)
  • Ms Magda Teppey (Alternate member)