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According to Article 48(1) of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (UPCA), parties can be represented before the UPC by lawyers authorised to practise before a court of a Contracting Member State. They can register as representatives directly in the Case Management System (CMS).

According to Article 48(2) UPCA, parties may alternatively be represented by European Patent Attorneys who are entitled to act as professional representatives before the European Patent Office and who have appropriate qualifications such as a European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC). During a transitional period of one year from the entry into force of the UPCA, several other certificates will be deemed as appropriate qualifications. European patent attorneys who wish to represent parties before the UPC can request via the CMS to be registered on the list of entitled representatives either by lodging their EPLC or a request for recognition of other appropriate qualifications.

Please note that the Administrative Committee of the UPC has so far granted the accreditation of “European Patent Litigation Certificate” to the following universities, or non-profit educational bodies of higher or professional education:

You can find more information on the EPLC and other appropriate qualifications, as well as on the registration as representative in the Rules on the EPLC as adopted by the Administrative Committee of the UPC.

All registered representatives entitled to represent parties before the UPC will be added to a dedicated list.

We would also like to remind you that it is only possible to register as a representative via the CMS ( Please do not send a hard copy of your request to the Court, as this form of application is not permitted.

Thank you for your understanding.